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Android phones soon to be available for Tracfone Customers

Traditionally, Tracfone has catered to the cost conscious customer with what are basically low end feature phones and flip phones. However, this is all changing with the introduction of a set of new Tracfone Android phones. Now these aren’t new phones per say, rather they are bringing in phones that Tracfone has offered under the Straight Talk and Net10 banners.  Another item of note is the fact that all of the phones will be of the CDMA variety so no GSM models yet. The CDMA models will be activated with either Verizon or Sprint. Tracfone Androids in Your Area

While they are not offering anything like a Samsung S4 or anything, this first batch of Tracfone Androids will be a huge upgrade over the now obsolete feature phones of yesteryear. It remains to be seen if Tracfone customers will be able to continue to use the regular Tracfone cards for 30, 60, 120, 200, 450 minutes or if Tracfone will roll out new cards that will work with these Androids.

At any rate, the first set of Tracfone’s will be:

Tracfone ZTE Z665C – ZTE Valet
The ZTE Valet is another entry level device which retails for around $99.99. This one is very similar to the Tracfone LG Dynamic above but comes with the 4.1 Android OS.

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Centura
The Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Centura is an entry level type device with good specs. This one retails for $129.99 namely because it’s a Samsung and comes with the newer Android 4.0. In reality, this is essentially the same phone as the ZTE Valet above.

Tracfone LG L38c – Dynamic
This is a compact CDMA Android that will undoubtedly cost under $100. This is an excellent starter Android for not a whole lot of money. Note that this one will come with an older Android OS, namely Android 2.3 Gingerbread….Pending Release

Tracfone Huawei Glory H868C
This one will probably be considered more of a higher end for Tracfone. Specs are not much better than the entry level LG L38c but it does come with Android 4.0…. Pending Release