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Tracfone Motorola XT830C AKA Moto E

tracfone-moto-eThe Tracfone Moto E represents one of the more premium Androids available through Tracfone for use on their Android prepaid plan. The Moto E brings the much needed classic Motorola brand and quality to the Tracfone to the line up. This phone features solid specs and excellent usability. Additionally, you get an upgrade to the much faster Android 4.4 OS that’s coupled with a fast 1.2ghz processor.

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The Good: The Moto E comes with a large 4.3″ Gorilla Glass screen which is a vast improvement in screen size to the initial Tracfone Android line up. Additionally, you get a fast 1.2 ghz dual-core processor that is a vast improvement particularly since it’s coupled with one of the newer Android operating systems available. As with all Motorolas, this phone has an excellent build quality. One last item to mention here is the superb battery life of up to 30 days standby and 16.5hrs of talk time, a vast improvement over the entry level Tracfone Androids.

The Bad: At $129.99, some may find the Moto E to be a bit pricey particularly when compared to the most of the original Tracfone line up, but then again it is the same price as the ZTE Valet. Some may be turned off by the fact it is CDMA which means the coverage is not quite as large as the GSM devices. Then again, so are all of the other Tracfone Direct Androids at this time. One item of contention for some might be the so called “floating” Android buttons. This means there are no physical Android buttons as they are part of the actual screen on this device.

Tracfone Moto E Specs at a Glance

tracfone-moto-eTracfone Moto E
Dimensions Height 4.91″ x Width 2.55″ x Thickness .48″
Weight 5.00 oz
Style Large Candybar Touchscreen with 4.5″ screen
Network & Technology CDMA cellular data network and WiFi – Activated with Verizon or Sprint
Processor Speed 1.2 ghz Dual core
SD Card/Internal Memory 4gb Included – Up to 32gb compatible
Android OS 4.4 Kit Kat
Digital Camera/Video Rec 5 mp
Screen Size Gorilla Glass 4.3″
Battery 30 days stand by & up to 16.5hrs talk
Below Screen Button Types None, buttons are “floating” within the screen itself
USB microUSB v2.0
Audio Jack & Charging Standard 3.5mm iPod type / micro usb charge/data
Tracfone Price $129.99

 Design Notes

The most impressive thing about the Moto E is the fact that it comes with some fairly high end features despite the entry level price tag. What I am most impressed with is the fact that you get a super durable Gorilla Glass screen, that’s right, NO plastic screen on this baby! Additionally, it has Motorola’s water repellent splash guard which is not to say the phone is totally waterproof but it does make for quite a durable phone.

One item that some may find cool on this phone are the interchangeable color battery covers which are available in 9 different colors (black which is included, white, violet, spearmint, raspberry, blue, turquoise, yellow and red ). Of course these are sold separately through Motorola for $14.99 each.

The phone itself has a simple and easy to use design which I think is always a good thing. One item to note here though are the so called “floating” Android buttons which are a departure from most run of the mill Androids. What this means is that the buttons are part of the Operating System so appear on screen. While they are pretty cool, you do need to unlock the phone to see them and they also take away a tad bit of screen real estate.


In the performance department, we once again find some impressive goodness which is quite unbelievable at this price range! For example, it comes with a 1.2 dual-core processor which is difficult to find on phones in the low $100 dollar range. This is usually reserved for phones closer to $200. Additionally, you get a fairly new Android OS by way of Android 4.4 aka Kit Kat. These two items alone place this phone in a class by itself within the Tracfone direct Android line up.

If that wasn’t enough, i found the screen to be quite impressive. It was amazingly clear and bright! Additionally, the screen has an anti smudge feature so it stays fairly clean. Keep in mind it is by no means smudge proof, it’s just that it does not smudge as easily as the plastic screened units.

Lastly, is the excellent 5mp digital camera which I found to be quite good at taking regular and low light pictures.


At $129, you simply cannot go wrong with this Tracfone Android! It has features that are simply not found on phones costing much more. I think the Moto E represents an excellent value for the money which makes it a great Tracfone Android!