Compare Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic and Dynamic 2

First and foremost, let me start off by saying the only thing both of these phones have in common is the name, that’s it! The original Dynamic is a much older device with inferior specs and capabilities. While the Dynamic 2 is a more modern device with a larger screen and newer Android version. The only real reason why we are comparing these 2 devices today is because they have similar names and can both be purchased for the Tracfone Android plan.

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LG Optimus Dynamic

LG Optimus Dynamic 2

Phone Dimensions Height 3 1/2″ x Width 2 1/8″ x Thickness 1/2″ Height 4 1/2″ x Width 2 1/2″ x Thickness 1/2″
Weight 4.42 Ounces 4.45 Ounces
Technology CDMA with 3g Data – Activates with either Verizon or Sprint CDMA with 3g Data – Activates with either Verizon or Sprint
Included SD Card Yes – 4gb micro sd card included Yes – 4gb micro sd card included
WiFi Yes Yes
Screen Material Plastic Plastic
Processor Speed 800 mhz 1ghz
Android OS Version 2.3 Gingerbread 4.1 Jelly Bean
Phone Type Super compact Candybar Touchscreen Small Candybar Touchscreen
Camera 3.0 mega pixels 3.0 mega pixels / no LED Flash
Screen Small 3.2″ Diagonal 3.8″ Diagonal
Button Types Capacitive touch with middle push button Capacitive touch 4 Android button layout
Price $99.99 $129.99

Which is Best?

I think it is pretty clear that the Dynamic 2 is the far superior device here. Of course you would expect that since it is a much newer device. Now looking at the price, there is only a $30 difference between the two which suggests they are somewhat similar phones. The fact is that for the $30 more, the LG Dynamic 2 gives you what I would say is twice the phone.

The Dynamic 2 performs better in all aspects because it has a 1.0ghz processor in addition to Android 4.1. The old Dynamic on the other hand has only an 800mhz processor and the much SLOWER Android 2.3.

As far as design goes, the original Dynamic was kind of strange in that it had really a tiny screen and lots of wasted real estate all around the screen. While both of these phones are similar in size, the Dynamic 2 has a much more functional and usable screen.


The LG Dynamic 2 is the phone to get in this pairing. That said, you can also opt for either the Huawei Glory or ZTE Valet since both of those cost $99 and have the same basic specs as the Dynamic 2.