Compare Tracfone ZTE Valet and Samsung Centura

Today, we compare the first two phones in the Tracfone Android line up. Namely, the Samsung Centura and the ZTE Valet.  Check Tracfone Android Availability

Though they look somewhat similar, there are some notable differences between these two phones. The Centura retails for $129, while the ZTE Valet retails for $99. With that said, we examine these two phones a little closer so you can make the correct choice for your new Tracfone Android upgrade.

Samsung Centura and ZTE Valet Comparison Table

Check Tracfone Android Availability

Samsung Galaxy Centura

ZTE Valet

Phone Dimensions Height 4 1/2″ x Width 2 1/2″ x Thickness 1/2″ Height 4 1/2″ x Width 2 1/2″ x Thickness 1/2″
Weight 4.40 Ounces 4.50 Ounces
Technology CDMA with 3g Data CDMA with 3g Data
Included SD Card No Yes – 4gb micro sd card included
WiFi Yes Yes
 Screen Material  Plastic  Plastic
Processor Speed 800 mhz 1ghz
Android OS Version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1 Jelly Bean
Phone Type Small Candybar Touchscreen Small Candybar Touchscreen
Camera 3.0 mega pixels 3.0 mega pixels with LED Flash
Screen 3.5″ Diagonal 3.5″ Diagonal
Button Types Capacitive touch Capacitive touch with Light sensor
Price $129.99 $99.99

Which Is Best?

As you can see from the table above, there really there are some notable differences between these phones.  First, is the processor with the Valet having a more powerful one in the form of 1ghz vs 800 mhz on the Centura.  Both phones are basically the same size and have the same screen dimensions.  Also, both phones have the same type touch buttons just below the screen but the Valet does have a light sensor which activates the back light only when dark.  Another difference is the  Android version. The Centura comes with a slightly older Android OS by way of Ice Cream Sandwich while the Valet comes with the newer Jelly Bean version.

Aesthetically, both phones are very similar. The ZTE is all black while the Centura has a bit of a dark metallic look trim around the phone. Both phones are all plastic construction with plastic screens so no difference there. I find the Centura to be a bit more eye pleasing because it does have a chrome bezel around the screen but not enough to justify the $30 price difference.

Three items of note. The first being that the Valet comes with a 4gb SD card while the Centura does not. One knock on the Valet is that I found the Wifi reception to be a bit on the weak side with the phone not connecting at all if the wireless device is on the other side of your home.  The Centura connected fine while the Valet did not connect with both phones being at the same distance from the WAP. Lastly, is the digital camera, the Valet has an LED flash while the Centura does not.

Bottom line is if you want a Tracfone Android, the ZTE Valet is the better value because you get better specs, a 4gb sd card and newer Android for $30 cheaper with the only drawback being the Wifi reception not being as good as the Centura.