Tracfone Android Plan How To

Today, we will learn all of the ins and outs of the all new Tracfone Android phones. Currently available Tracfone Androids.

Phone Selection

The Tracfone Android phone selection will be limited to entry to mid level devices. New phones will come with the Triple minutes for life that will triple your calling, texting and data time. Don’t expect to find the Samsung Galaxy S4 here or anything because Tracfone is for the cost conscious customer. Compare Tracfone Androids

One thing to be aware is that you will need to purchase a phone directly from Tracfone. You cannot use Straight Talk or Net10 phones, again, you must purchase them directly from Tracfone or they will not work. Be careful when buying used phones because the Straight Talk and Net10 variants look identical to the Tracfone Androids but they will not work.

Which Tracfone Airtime Card to Use?

Currently Available Tracfone Androids.

The awesome thing about the Tracfone Android plans is that you can use the same Tracfone cards that you would on the older Tracfone phones. This means that you do not need to buy more expensive cards to use the Tracfone Androids. That said, if you are a heavier data user, then the best deal on Tracfone Airtime is the 450 minute card because it retails for $79.99 and will be good for approximately 1.3 gb of data usage. Since Tracfone cards are good for 3 months, this averages out to about $26 a month which is a great deal.

The best feature of the Tracfone Android plan compared to regular Tracfones is that it deducts data, airtime and text usage different than regular Tracfones. Regular Tracfone’s deduct data, text and calls from the same pool of minutes. With Tracfone Android, you get a three buckets if you will. One bucket for airtime, one for texting and one for data. The phone will take away from the appropriate bucket. For example, you can still make calls and text even if you run out of data. The old Tracfone’s did not do that.

How does the data plan work with Tracfone Android?

You do not need to buy a separate data card for your Android phone unless you want or need it for some reason.  You can still buy extra data but I do not recommend it as it can get expensive. The Tracfone Android plan is not a high data usage plan. I would recommend you go to Straight Talk or Net10 unlimited if you want or need a higher data usage plan. The one thing to keep in mind with Tracfone is that you can always use WiFi if you run out of data.

Which Calling Area will I get with Tracfone Androids

The current batch of Tracfone Androids are CDMA phones so you will be activated with either Verizon or TMobile. Tracfone may or may not introduce GSM tech phones that will work with AT&T or TMobile but those are not available yet.

Can I use Straight Talk or Net10 phones if they are the same models?

The answer to that is NO! Be sure to buy phones directly from Tracfone. Even though Straight Talk and Net10 use the same model phones, they will not work with Tracfone.  People buying used phones should be extra careful because there is no real way to tell if it is a Tracfone or not when looking at it from the outside or when turning it on. Only Tracfone can tell for sure if the phone is good for Tracfone service or not. You will need to give Tracfone the imei (serial number) and they can tell you.

What’s the difference between previous Tracfone’s and Tracfone Android?

There is a huge difference between Androids and previous smartphone like phones offered by Tracfone. Androids are true smartphones so can do many things that older Tracfones simply cannot. None of the older Tracfone’s were smartphones. With Android, you can finally download real apps, music, movies, etc. Another difference is that Tracfone Androids will deduct your data according to real usage where the older Tracfone’s data usually deducted from the same Airtime you had on the phone.