Tracfone LG Dynamic Review

tracfone-lg-optimus-dynamicToday we look at the Tracfone Android LG Dynamic. The Dynamic is a 3g CDMA phone which would be activated with either Verizon or Sprint. This will be a short review because to put it bluntly, this phone is not worth the $99.

Compare the ZTE Valet

I am very excited by the Tracfone prepaid plan but unfortunately, the Dynamic is not the phone to spend your hard earned cash on. Particularly, when there is another phone that is vastly superior at the same price point.

Don’t get me wrong, the Dynamic is a fine phone. It’s just not quite up to par in 2013. Continue reading to learn why the Dynamic is not the phone for you.

Reasons Not to Buy the Tracfone LG Dynamic

To start, this phone is a 3 year old model. That in and of itself is not that big a deal, but the Dynamic comes with the old Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. 3 years ago, this would haveĀ  made a fine upgrade to your Tracfone feature device but today, not so much. You see, Tracfone is also selling the ZTE Valet for the same exact price, yet the ZTE Valet is a vastly superior phone. For starters, the Valet comes with the newer Jellybean Android which is much faster.

Then we have the processor, the Dynamic comes with an 800 mhz processor which when paired with the Gingerbread OS, makes it quite a dog. You can forget using Netflix even on WiFi because the Dynamic performs quite poorly there.

Next on the list is the screen, the Dynamic has a very small 3.2″ screen which on paper does not seem like much of a difference to the Valet’s 3.5″ screen, but in practice, the screen is quite cramped because you have so much wasted space just below it with the rather large button area. While on the buttons, the Dynamic has a center push button which works fine but is kind of dated by today’s standards. The two buttons to the side of it are both capacitive touch but still, for the money you rather have all capacitive.


If you’d like to take advantage of the Tracfone prepaid plan, then I highly suggest you skip the Dynamic and go Straight to the ZTE Valet. It’s got vastly superior specs and performs much faster. Additionally, the ZTE uses the same calling area so all in all, the Valet is a superior phone.